Site Registration

Site registration and compliance is an important requirement that guarantees quality assurance across many industries. Both domestically and internationally, sites that produce or process a product (drug, NHP, cosmetic, food, etc) must demonstrate their ability to meet the standards of quality laid out by their respective governing bodies.

Whether applying for your first application, renewing an existing application or looking for guidance on GMP compliance or technical writing (SOPs & control documents), Innovate Phytoceuticals is the central hub for site registration and regulatory consulting for many industries, both domestic and international. 

Our Services:

  • Controlled Drug and Substances License Applications
  • Drug Establishment License Applications
  • Medical Device Establishment License Applications
  • Industrial Hemp License Applications
  • NNHPD Site Licensing: New Applications, Renewals, Amendments etc (for all activities)
  • CFIA Establishment License Applications
  • Food Premise License Applications
  • Foreign Site Reference Number Applications
  • FDA Establishment Registration
  • Technical Writing (SOPs & Control Documents, Technical Quality Agreements etc)
  • Governing Body Liaising (Recalls, Stop Sales, Border Issues, Compliance etc)

Please see our cannabis page for cannabis specific site registrations