Natural Health Products

The Natural Health Product (NHP) market is estimated to be a $16.2 billion grossing industry in Canada by 2020 and more Canadians than not will have at least one NHP that they take religiously as part of their health regime. Canada has a unique regulatory framework that allows brand holders to make significant health claims and create innovative products to be marketed for self-care. 

Innovate Phytoceuticals can help you at all stages of your project. From the drawing board we can be part of your brainstorming team, guiding you in the realities of the regulations whilst we formulate the product from your concept. 

Outline of services

  • Product formulation
  • NPN submissions
  • Ingredient analysis
  • French translation
  • Label compliance
  • Amendments and post licensing changes
  • Finished product specifications and testing parameters
  • Stability protocols
  • Safety and efficacy assessments
  • Marketing compliance and international markets