Rod Charlton is an expert in constructing effective policy in heavily regulated and dynamic industries. Mr. Charlton is an outstanding asset in profit & loss management, as well as human resources, operations, accounting and risk management. Rod is applying his skill and years of experience in running the day to day operations of large finance companies to our ever-growing enterprise.

Mr. Charlton doesn’t have “spare time” but has settled nicely into his role as office dad. Mr. Charlton can be found meandering the office corridors giving a gentle clap of encouragement on the back as well as a “atta boy” to his adopted office children.

  • FUN THINGS: Green Tea & Excel Gum (NOT spearmint), Basketball, My Dog
  • INTERESTING FACT: Ask me about my truck, don’t ask me about my home renos
  • FAVOURITE “SCIENTIFIC” PAPER: Sports illustrated is as close as its going to get