Pet Products

As our pets claim the more prominent role of “companion” in our lives, more and more owners are researching and investing in the best options for their pets. With well over half of Canadian households owing a pet, the pet product industry is only growing. From foods to supplements and grooming products, the pet market has drastically expanded in the last few decades.  

Health Canada has strict guidelines on pet products where many require registration prior to marketing or selling. Going through the application process is important because ingredients that may be safe for humans, may not be considered safe for animals.  Innovate Phytoceuticals can shed light on the regulations and ensure your pet products are compliant and safe for your beloved companions.

Our Services:

  • Product Formulation & Development
  • Veterinary Health Product Applications, Amendments, Deactivations etc.
  • Finished Product Specifications & Testing Parameters
  • Governing Body Liaising (Recalls, Stop Sales, Border Issues, Compliance etc)
  • Scientific Research
  • Stability Protocols
  • Label & Marketing Material Compliance
  • French Translation