Pest Management Products

From personal & pet pesticides to domestic & commercial agricultural plant pesticides, pest management plays a crucial role in our personal comfort and safety and crop production.  The use of pesticides or repellants are strictly regulated in Canada to mitigate the risk of toxicity to humans and the environment. Even a “naturally sourced” product is subject to rigorous scientific based evaluation to ensure that it meets the safety and efficacy requirements for its class. Innovate Phytoceuticals provides regulatory guidance on all pest management projects from start to finish to ensure your products are safe and effective.  

Our Services:

  • Product Formulation & Development
  • PMRA Applications, Including Pre-Consultation and Final Submission 
  • Liaise with and Prepare Endpoints & Requirements for Third Party Trial Company
  • Finished Product Specifications & Testing Parameters
  • Governing Body Liaising (Recalls, Stop Sales, Border Issues, Compliance etc)
  • Scientific Research
  • Label & Marketing Material Compliance
  • French Translation