Natural Health Products

The multimillion-dollar Natural Health Product industry is constantly evolving and expanding across the globe. The industry has continued to show exponential growth as more and more North Americans incorporate Natural Health Products into their daily health routine. The regulatory framework that Canada has in place allows brand holders to make meaningful health claims and create novel formulations that target specific indications for self-care. While the regulations surrounding Natural Health Products in the USA are different, they provide the basis for making advantageous health claims in the American market.

Innovate Phytoceuticals provides many services for Canadian and American Natural Health Product industries. From conception to licensing, we are here to take you from the drawing board to a fully compliant and marketable product.

Outline of services

  • Product Formulation & Development
  • Canadian NPN Submissions, Amendments, Deactivations etc
  • USA FDA Structure Function Claim Applications
  • USA OTC Notifications
  • Governing Body Liaising (Recalls, Stop Sales, Border Issues, Compliance etc)
  • Label & Marketing Material Compliance
  • French Translation 
  • Scientific Research
  • Finished Product Specifications & Testing Parameters
  • Stability Protocols