Innovate Phytoceuticals provides broad spectrum regulatory compliance services for a variety of different industries. We thoroughly review your product from manufacture to sale to ensure that your ingredients, marketing materials and labels are compliant for the current regulations for that industry.

Innovate Phytoceuticals has in-house bilingual staff and can provide French translation for labels in accordance with Canadian Label Standards. All products marketed in Canada require bilingual required text. Innovate Phytoceuticals can provide advice on label layout to ensure compliance of NHPs, Drugs, Foods, Pest Products, Pet Products, Cosmetics and Consumer Products. 

Recalls, Border Issues and Compliance & Enforcement

All products can come under scrutiny for several reasons such as non-compliant labels, non-compliant advertising, safety issues, importing to a facility that does not have the appropriate registration, marketing products without the appropriate registration. In any case, it can cause loss of income and added stress. 

Whatever the situation, Innovate Phytoceuticals can communicate with the governing body on your behalf, strategize, devise a plan and help you execute it. Innovate Phytoceuticals can also assist you in communicating the required information in the case of a recall, whether voluntary or not. Most of the problems with recalls, border issues, and compliance stem from a lack of understanding regulations and requirements. Our staff can advise you and help you set up a fully compliant operation whether you are a brand holder, manufacturing site or an importer.