Dr. Artem Godovannyi, brings a distinguished blend of academic brilliance and industry expertise to our team. With a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the Institute of Gene Biology, Russian Academy of Science, he is well-grounded in the fundamental sciences that underpin our field. His professional journey, encompassing pivotal roles at Pharmapark LLC and the University of British Columbia, has honed his skills in protein purification and innovative probiotic-driven IBD therapy. Dr. Godovannyi’s proficiency in molecular cloning, biochemistry, and protein chemistry is remarkable, and his track record in project management and research is exemplary. His ability to navigate complex research landscapes and lead teams effectively positions him as an ideal leader for our drug development initiatives. We are confident that Dr. Godovannyi's comprehensive expertise and visionary approach will greatly enhance our company's capabilities in biotechnology and contribute significantly to our ongoing and future projects.