Research Licenses

License Numbers: LIC-JRXQKMBHJD-2021-1, LIC-JRXQKMBHJD-2021-1 & LIC-JRXQKMBHJD-2021-1

Innovate Phytoceuticals is pleased to hold multiple Research Licenses under the Cannabis Act and its’ Regulations from Health Canada to possess and produce Cannabis for the purpose of research. The following authorized activities under these licenses have been approved by Health Canada: 

  • The production and identification of novel and unique Cannabis strains
  • Custom array analyses to determine of the level of expression in a gene or genes of interest
  • Single cell regeneration through tissue culture based propagation to facilitate the introduction of new genes
  • High throughput CO2 extraction method development
  • Metabolomic profiling
  • CBD Nanoemulsion